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QualityWings 787 Version 1.1.2 Released

Qualitywings 787 P3dv4 Beta Shots Fse (9)

The long awaited update for the QualityWings 787 has been released.


The team at QualityWings and the beta testers have been very hard at work for the past few months updating and testing version 1.1.2 of their immensely popular Ultimate Boeing 787. The developers have improved and reworked several features that the community said needed work and QW delivered. The new EFB has been improved as well as the take off performance to give proper flap settings and derates. QualityWings have also stated that they have implemented an optional feature to create a crash log and will be sent to the development team automatically if you experience a Crash to Desktop while flying the 787.

V1.1.2 Changelog:

  • improved product stability
  • QW CONFIG: “SAVE CONFIG” fills up fuel tanks
  • QW CONFIG: some options do not get saved
  • QW CONFIG: some option can not be set / selected
  • PFD: straight in IAN approach (RNAV/VOR/NDB) are missing approach name, DME and Rwy info in upper left corner
  • PFD: LNAV/VNAV deviation indicators on the PFD remain frozen until RNAV Approach active
  • PFD: Minimum Maneuver Speed and stall speed bands move too fast when flap config changes
  • PFD: Missing yellow ground level marker on departure
  • ND: zoom level indication differences when VSD is enabled or not
  • ND: ANP shows 0.00 on full ND and 0.05 on half ND
  • EICAS: Oil temperature too low
  • EICAS: Engine vibration is too high
  • EICAS: N1 indication jumps up when passing 80kts during take off roll (RR only)
  • EFB Dispatch: complete remake
  • EFB Dispatch: Seat count on 787-9 incorrect
  • EFB OPT: take off performance calculation enhanced to provide optimal flap and derate settings
  • EFB: Brightness controls inop
  • FMS: VNAV initial climb speed does not command V2+15
  • FMS: improvements to lateral and vertical route depiction
  • FMS: improvements to lateral and vertical route tracking
  • FMS: VNAV Wind Forecast Page added
  • FMS: DIRECT TO will cause the T/D symbol to be off course on ND
  • FMS: After go around programming a new route is missing the first waypoint of the new route
  • SYSTEMS: Anti-Ice logic reworked
  • SYSTEMS – FUEL SYNOPTIC: Crossfeed valve logic issues
  • SYSTEMS: TOGA key assignment does not work
  • SYSTEMS: Fuel jettison does not work on 787-9 model
  • SYSTEMS: Engines stuck in full thrust after take off (noticed on RR)
  • SYSTEMS: EMER LIGHT EICAS message shows after loading a panelstate
  • SYSTEMS: Overspeed warning triggers prematurely when P3D settings are set to “true airspeed” instead of “indicated airspeed”
  • VISUALS: VC night lighting textures improved (RealLight)
  • VISUALS: VC material reflectivity improved
  • VISUALS: left RR engine reflectivity issues
  • VISUALS: top fuselage beacon splash on wings too bright
  • VISUALS: Vertex welding issue on APU Door. Causes dark shadow in corner of APU door
  • VISUALS: “Mirror” windows on exterior model
  • VISUALS: Some parts, such as the vertical fuse “joints” are inverted in the bump maps, causing these to look pushed into the fuselage.
  • VISUALS: Users are confused when STORM lights override all other light controls. Changed logic to initialize DOME light instead of STORM light when loading the plane at night
  • VISUALS: text night lighting does not work on TCP buttons (fixed in P3D only)
  • VISUALS: blurry MCP Text since V1.1.1 Hotfix

A full list of the change long can be found on the QualityWings Simulations Facebook page. Included in this log, are the links to either update your current installation or do a full reinstall which is what the developers recommend.



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