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orbx Tonight is the night .. TE GB!

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Hello all,


Just a quick update.


I think we are in a position to release tonight (Saturday night UK time).


  • Full TE GB-S product build up on the servers and propagated to the CDN nodes - check!
  • Product page complete - check!
  • Email blast formatted and ready - check!
  • Release announcement formatted and ready - check!
  • Final tests of new FTX Central code - in progress.....


You will need to download a new version of FTX Central to be able to install TrueEarth GB South. This new version adds the new decompression system and other X-Plane specific functions. Be sure to upgrade FTXC before installing TE GB.


We are pretty pumped about this release - the "buzz" on forums, internet and social media is huge, and reminds us of the launch days of FTX Global.


Here's a quick straight V-key grab from my laptop whilst doing some final testing over EGHI an hour ago...





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