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x-plane Frooglesim/Orbx debate on Youtube - Required or Recommended?

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Ok Noodle, I do remember, when we were flying together in a Durka's stream at that time, I asked you about an airport we were flying to, an orbx one. And when I asked in the chat if I could just buy this airport, I had a MASSIVE response from the chat, you included, that you needed Global first... . Don't worry, I still trust your judgement most of the time ;)

It may have been a consumer error, but it really seems that OrbX wanted that error to be made... That's first thing

2nd I think the actual GOOD thing to do when you made a mistake, is to say sorry, or AT LEAST not to ignore your mistake as John seem to do in his own comments. Anyone can do mistakes, and it is well known that the ones capable to accept theirs are the mature ones, the others are just stuck in childhood for what I know. Of course, that's if supposed innocent...

In 3, I think that Froogle is digging the wrong holes, not new, I unfollowed his channel some time ago I must say... But the problem is not with him ; well, not this time, but as we say in french, you see the straw in other's eyes, but not the log in yours...

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Look I doubt I said you needed global plain and simple. Whenever I made mention of any sceneries I would say that global is a nice start to enhance the areas but never would i say you MUST buy a region first...again rethink that.  However I am NOT going to apologize for my own thoughts and opinions as they are my own just as anyone else. If you feel the need to attempt to change my thoughts then good luck.

Lastly this will be my final post so for anyone else wishing to jump on my position go ahead but I wont be responding. As I said, if you cannot handle someone elses opinion that differs from yours then so be it. Agree to disagree, you CANNOT agree with what everyone thinks plain and simple.

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