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cargospotter AIRBUS A320 OVERTAKES an AIRBUS A380 in a TRAFFIC JAM and DEPARTS first (4K)

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The Airbus A320 of Easyjet was in a hurry and overtook a massive Airbus A380 of Emirates shortly before the holding point of runway 23L. It can be as easy as that. Sometimes Airplanes are allowed to overtake other planes, for example when the flight is delayed or if they received an earlier slot. Some planes also have to wait a little longer at the holding point because the safety preparations weren` t finished yet.

Just look at the size difference of the Airbus A380 and the tiny Airbus 320. The A320 looks like a toy play or a remote aircraft which is just taxing by although the Airbus A320 is already considered as a narrowbody aircraft. I love these size comparsions and I would like to thank the Easy crew for the perfect timing.

New videoes every tuesday and friday. Thanks for watching.


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