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cargospotter BIG Antonov with 24 WHEELS needs a ROUNDABOUT to turn around - Antonov An124 DEPARTURE (4K)

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Yesterday I filmed another Antononv An124 at Geilenkirchen and usually backtracking planes can just turn around at the end of the runway. This Antonov An124 had to vacate the runway and used a big roundabout to turn around. It` s kinda impressive to see an AN124 perform a 180 turn with all these wheels. The An124 needs 24 wheels to be able to land and depart without any complications. Shortly before the takeoff the Antonov warmed up its engines with a 70% powerrun on the runway. They always do this to improve the performance of the engines and at big airports it often causes go arounds by the approaching planes right behind. The An124 often blocks the runway for more than seven minutes.

New videos every tuesday and friday.


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