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prepar3d / fsx E-2 Hawkeye + C-2 Greyhound Updated to Version 1.01

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E-2 Hawkeye + C-2 Greyhound Updated to Version 1.01


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Developer IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations has provided a relatively small updated to their E-2 Hawkeye + C-2 Greyhound. The update focuses on a few fixes such as a bug which prevented landing lights appearing and also a bug which prevented the ‘N’ button from working on the pop-up MFCDU.

It’s not a huge update, but it does require you to have to download the aircraft set again from SimMarket.

Full Change Log:

  • Fixed bug preventing landing lights to show on E-2 models
  • Fixed visual glitch in EFIS-equipped cockpits so that OIL COOLER button was duplicated
  • Added note to engine start checklist on how to deal with engine stuck at 100% RPM
  • Fixed bug preventing “N” button from working on pop-up –MFCDU panel
  • Changed cockpit night lighting to red
  • Fixed minor glitch in the gear wells of the engine nacelles


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