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Dear simMarket Customer,

at you can now find an update of your product:



Dear Envshade user,

We're glad to announce that our last update of the year is now available for Envshade.

This update finally brings the directional clouds lighting tweak we are working on for several months !

While the native directional clouds lighting was still available in others well known shader programs, it was only made compatible with the other tweaks. 
We didn't stop there: Envshade changes completely the way directional clouds lighting is working to get a realistic feeling round the clock: clouds now receive light depending on their relative position to the sun (and the moon during night time) and of course Envshade also dynamically manages this effect depending on the time of day.

And if you think this is PBR compatible, you are totally right !

Full Changelog:
- Directional cumulus clouds lighting added (for P3D v4.3 and higher)
- Cloud shadows reworked
- Cirrus clouds lighting readjusted depending on day-time

To update your product, please simply click the update button in the Envdir Help page and follow the instructions (Envdir and Envtex updates are not compulsory if you are already up to date) or download the 1.0.6 patch available in your SimMarket account.
Once the patch is installed, please reapply the shaders into your simulator by clicking "Install to sim" in Envdir.
You can also refer to this file available in your SimMarket account: "Envshade - How to download and install.pdf"

We wish you a happy holiday !

You will find the link to download the update when you log into your user account --> my orders --> respective order.

Should you have any questions please contact us via

For technical support please contact the support addresses listed in the documentation for the respective product.
The support addresses are also listed in the respective product description pages in our shop.

Best Regards,
The simMarket Team

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