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orbx Introducing CityScene Orlando!

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Hello everyone,


Allen Kriesman's CityScene development continues, this time with CityScene Orlando!


Orbx CityScene is a new line of scenery products that will recreate urban centres and cityscapes around the world in incredible detail. Building upon thousands of hours of R&D over several years, Allen's ground-breaking new technology enables highly-detailed scenery, coupled with highly improved performance and optimisation compared to default city centres. Bypassing traditional autogen methods, buildings correctly replicate unusual footprints, improve on building height and type accuracy, and even add more details for an immersive experience. Vegetation, lighting, terrain, traffic, are all fully integrated. Most importantly, CityScene technology uses next-gen optimisation techniques to ensure the very best performance.


CityScene Orlando is the biggest CityScene project to date - this scenery package covers 1,115km2 of coverage and includes two major airports - KMCO Orlando International Airport and KORL Orlando Executive Airport. We have also included Lockheed Martin's HQ east of the main coverage area - see if you can find it! 


Please note that KMCO and KORL provide much more detail over the default airports without any additional frame rate loss. While they aren't as heavily detailed as a commercial airport add-on, they are included in order to provide the full Orlando experience without compromising performance.


Orbx CityScene Features:

  • Highly detailed, accurate representation of Orlando, Florida
  • Nearly 3.9 million accurately placed regional trees
  • Over 200k accurately sized, shaped and positioned custom buildings including high rise, commercial, and residential buildings
  • 135.7k lights, 6.3k container objects, and 3.4k individual water features
  • 40 points of interest
  • Expertly optimised using ground-breaking techniques for best performance

What does CityScene mean?

  • Highly detailed city and urban landscapes brought to life
  • Accurate and detailed buildings that go far beyond the limitations of the P3D autogen system
  • Realistic photoreal/satellite orthoimagery base
  • Dense and highly-accurate vegetation placement
  • Road traffic, vector, mesh (DEM) and landclass where required
  • Full 5 seasons (where applicable) and complete night lighting
  • Important POI, landmarks and features modeled
  • Optimized for the best balance between performance and detail

Major POIs:

  • Magic Kingdom Entrance
  • Astro Orbiter
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Swan and Dolphin
  • Tower of Terror
  • MGM Giant Mickey Hat
  • Disney Contemporary Resort
  • Epcot the Land
  • Epcot World of Energy
  • Mission Space
  • Orlando Amway Center
  • Orlando Renaissance Seaworld - site of the 2019 FlightSimExpo!

Coverage Map:



The red border indicates the entire coverage area. There is a small additional coverage area (upper right) which
contains the Lockheed Martin Headquarters. This area has been blended in with the default scenery.
The two yellow areas cover the KORL and KMCO airports. There is also a third Orlando airport (KISM – Kissimmee) just
outside the scenery area to the south.


CityScene Orlando will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for $29.95 AUD (approx. USD $21.10 / €18.50 / £16.65)


Here are some screenshots from JV and Jon Murchison for you to enjoy: 




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