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Ivana Fly

orbx Amazing original Elstree promo video by Russ White

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Bit of nostagia for you, given that EGTR Elstree is just about to be released for XP11..


Digging back into the archives, not only was Russ White a master modeller and texture artist, he was very adept at creating promo videos which captured the development process. We also sent John Lovell to the airport to take photos used for the model textures.  This video was for the FSX/P3D version released quite a few years ago now, but the development process was the same for the XP11 version which Greg and Karl have faithfully ported across.



The good news is that Russ White will be part of a team making brand new Orbx airports in 2019 and beyond, so expect to see this astounding attention to detail again soon, beginning with the terminal at Alderney Airport.


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