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topfelya Boeing 737 MAX Sideslip Approach & Airbus A310 Crosswind Takeoff

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Strong Gusty Winds ! ICELANDAIR First BOEING 737 MAX 8 coping with crosswind in awkward conditions during landing at London Gatwick Airport. The aircraft Jökullsárlón · TF-ICE · MSN 44353 · LN 6792 was delivered to the airline on March 4, 2018

Straight after her Rare Airbus A310 Air Transat departs to Canada

The Boeing 737 MAX uses 37% less fuel per trip compared to the Boeing 757-200, which currently makes up the bulk of the Icelandair fleet, and 14% less than the Boeing 737 NG type of aircraft. The 737 MAX also leaves a 40% smaller noise footprint than its predecessors, even though the engines are more powerful. This is due, both to a new aerodynamic design of the body and wings (notably spilt tip winglets) and a revolutionary design of the engines.

The engine blades are made of super strong carbon, woven together with a 3D-technique. This means each engine is over 500 lbs lighter than before, saving fuel and creating less pollution.

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