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x-plane New Freeware 'Live Traffic' Released

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Live Flight Data Channels

LiveTraffic can read from the following sources, called channels:

LiveTraffic can even read several channels at the same time. Warnings apply, see Basic Settings.


Display of Aircraft

Well, yea...that's what it's all about:

  • Aircraft 3D model as per installed CSL libraries. LiveTraffic uses the very same library (xplanemp) as XSquawkBox and X-IvAp do. Expect pretty similar behaviour.

  • Aircraft labels (the yellow text), content configurable

  • Basic flight modelling: LiveTraffic tries to mimic those aircraft movements, which are not transported by the flight data:

    • Rotate, Pitch, Flare

    • Turns (Roll yet to come, currently wings stay level)

    • Acceleration, Deceleration

    • Gear and Flap movement

    • Lights (Beacon, Navigation, Landing)

  • Landing Simulation in case no more flight data available during approach, so that the aircrafts continues its descend down to the ground, rolls out, stops, and only then vanishes. LiveTraffic is not into taxiing simulation, though...


Aircraft and Flight Information Display

LiveTraffic can show aircraft information and updated dynamic flight data (like position, speed, altitude and so on) about the aircrafts as shown in X-Plane (which supposingly is very close to reality minus buffering period, but LiveTraffic certainly needs to interpolate between available data points).


A/C Info Window
  • Shows aircraft info for one or more aircrafts right within X-Plane.

  • Aircrafts selectable by transponder code, registration, call sign, flight number, and index within LiveTraffic, or

  • Auto-selecting the closest aircraft in viewing direction.

  • Multiple a/c info windows can be opened in parallel.


Data Refs

LiveTraffic makes good use of X-Plane's data ref feature. Historically, this was just meant to ease my development life as I could use the DataRefEditor plugin to change the configuration and read aircrafts' status. Thus, it became the backbone of the configuration object in LiveTraffic and remains available to the outside world.



TCAS might or might not work. The "TCAS hack" of xplanemp requires AI aircrafts to be set up, see installation.

Here's a list of collected feedback...mostly positive actually 🙂.




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