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Orbx Update 3 X-Plane Airports

Sam Clark
January 21, 2019

Orbx forum administrator Ed Correia has just announced updates to three of Orbx's UK series of airports. These scenery packs were designed to work with their TrueEarth region packages and ties in to the idea that the group plan to convert all of their current ESP-platform sceneries to Laminar's sim.


The airports receiving updates today are as follows:

EGHR (Goodwood)

  • Grass ‘friction’ bug. Aircraft should now taxi under normal power.

EGFF (Cardiff)

  • Bumpy runway/taxiways reported by some users in 11.30

EGKA (Shoreham)

  • Grass ‘friction’ bug. Aircraft should now taxi under normal power
  • Bumpy runway/taxiways in 11.30
  • Sea/river water blending improved
  • Clock now visible on airside of terminal
  • RW06/24 imagery updated to match current dimensions. Runway is shifted slightly north and much narrower.
  • Removed threshold lights from 06/24.

Check out the post on the Orbx Forum here. To update, re-run the install tool through FTX Central.



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