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New Time Zone Fixer Patch(V1.4.0) released

Dear Stephen Simmons,

We would like to let you know, our latest Time Zone Fixer cumulative patch version V1.4.0 has been released and it is available through our Time Zone Fixer Automatic Update program and from member area in our website. 

In this version these Time Zones have been updated:
-Funafuti - Tuvalu (NGFU) (UTC+12h00 DST:0)
-Chatham Island - New Zeland (NZCI) (UTC+12h45 DST: UTC+13h45)
-Biratnagar - Nepal (VNVT) (UTC+5h45 DST: 0)
-Mahendranagar - Nepal (VNMN) (UTC+5h45 DST: 0)
-Astypalaia - Greece (lgpl) (UTC+2h00 DST: UTC+3h00)
-Leros - Greece (LGLE) (UTC+2h00 DST: UTC+3h00)
-Kos - Greece (LGKO) (UTC+2h00 DST: UTC+3h00)
-Rodos - Greece (LGRP) (UTC+2h00 DST: UTC+3h00)
-Samos - Greece (LGSM) (UTC+2h00 DST: UTC+3h00)
-Mytilini - Greece (LGMT) (UTC+2h00 DST: UTC+3h00)
-Bismarck - North Dakota - USA (KBIS) (UTC-6h00 DST:UTC-5h00)
-Wendover - Utah - USA (KENV) (UTC-7h00 DST:UTC-6h00)
-Anapa - Russia (URKA) (UTC+3h00 DST:0)
-Donetsk - Ukraine (UKCC) (UTC+3h00 DST:0)
-Chita - Russia (UIAA) (UTC+9h00 DST:0)
-Cancun - Mexico (MMUN) (UTC-5h00 DST:0)
-Cozumel - Mexico (MMCZ) (UTC-5h00 DST:0)
-Chetumal - Mexico (MMCM) (UTC-5h00 DST:0)
In addition to above Time Zones World's DST(Daylight Saving Time) has been updated for 2019.

If you haven't used our Time Zone Fixer Automatic Update program yet, we recommend you to start using that now and enjoy receiving all our future patches in a very simple and easy way!

You can get Time Zone Fixer Automatic Update program from Products and Services Section of your member area in our website.

Please help us to improve world's Time Zones by using our Time Zone Checking Tool and report any Time Zone problem you found there.

Best Regards,
SimElite Solutions Admin





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