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prepar3d / fsx Traffic Global - Official Known Bugs

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Traffic Global - Official Known Bugs


    Hi all,
    I thought I'd post a list of all the bugs that I currently have logged and noted here.
    Note - I can't promise everything on the list will be addressed in the next service pack, but as many as possible will be included and the whole list knocked down by the end of Early Access.
    Also, this is bugs with current features only. New features to be introduced will be covered separately shortly.

    A319, A320, A321 missing liveries
    737-800 Jet2 missing
    A321 Onur Air missing flightplans
    Correct wing_span data in aircraft.cfg
    Tarom - missing flightplans
    LIRF/LICA - one of these airports has wrong lat/long in DB
    Crash when listing schedules by departure time
    A319 & A321 reversed logos
    A319, A320, A321 engine fans spinning incorrect directions
    A330-300 GE KLM untextured
    737-800 Jet2 winglets untextured.
    757 TUI not textured
    Hong Kong Airlines - texture issue 'Ong Kong
    Fleet number showing as 0 on Home page
    Add a memory to selected compiling options
    ATR Alliance Air - black props
    ATR-42 ,ATR-72 & Saab 340 holding short bug.
    "Aircraft Details" data readout in the Aircraft Explorer tab not updating

    Issue remaining extra liveries:
    LoganAir Saab 340
    Japan Airlines 737-800
    Japan Airlines 777-200
    Japan Airlines 777-300
    Japan Airlines 787-8
    Japan Airlines 787-9
    Japan Airlines 767-300
    Skymark Airines 737-800
    Southwest 737-700
    Southwest 737-800



SOURCE INFO   https://traffic.justflight.com/topic/1091/traffic-global-official-known-bugs

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