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Fly the Maddog X Development Update


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Leonardo Software House, the developer of Fly the Maddog X, has released a development update.

Hot on the heels of the MD83 and MD-88 expansion pack, the developer says they are already beta testing the upcoming Fly the Maddog X release. While there is no release date as of yet, the latest version will add some new features and squash some bugs. The developer notes that all development is now focused on P3D v4.4 only, and the newest features will not be ported to any other platform.

The newest version will see PBR used on both the inside and outside of the plane, giving users the option to enable or disable PBR independently for the VC and external 3D models. As well, the newest release will add the ACARS messaging system, allowing pilots to interact with airline dispatch and maintenance, adding another layer to the simulation.


Another notable change is the ability to automatically sync changes made in the fuel and payload manager directly to the plane while the simulator is running. Users will no longer have to use the ‘sync from load manager’ option in the add-ons menu. As well, the ‘fix all failures’ menu option is no longer applicable since all maintenance will be controlled from the new ACARS system.

For added convenience, the external model has received several click spots, allowing users to open and close passenger and cargo doors, stairs, radome, engine cowls, and cockpit windows directly from the external view.

The developer also clarified the full product line and simulator compatibility with the following list:

  • 32bit edition MD-82 base pack: FSX/FSX:SE/P3D v3.4;
  • 64bit edition MD-82 base pack: P3D v4.2/v4.3;
  • 64bit edition MD-82 base pack for P3D v4.4: P3D v4.4;
  • 64bit edition MD83 & MD-88 variants expansion:P3D v4.2/v4.3;
  • 64bit edition MD83 & MD-88 variants expansion for P3D v4.4:P3D v4.4.

For a full description of the upcoming changes, click here (PDF file).





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