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real-world STORM EBERHARDT - Airbus A330 can` t LAND - CROSSWIND LANDINGS during a Storm at Düsseldorf (4K)

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Storm Eberhardt caused lots of trouble and damage in germany today. Especially western germany was affected by the first strong storm of 2019. I filmed at Düsseldorf Airport for three hours today and recorded 30 (!!) aborted landings. I saw more go arounds than normal landings. Some planes like the Boeing 787 of All Nippon Airways or an Airbus A320 of Vueling performed a go around and after noticing the strong crosswinds with wind gusts up to 60 knots they didn` t return for a second attempt and immediatly diverted to other airports. The B787 was already on approach, made a go around and diverted to London Heathrow (600km away).

Some planes even had to go around twice and the pilots had repeat the entire approach process for a third time.. This video definitly shows the amazing skills of the pilots. Even during impossible weather conditions with agressive wind gusts up to 60 knots all pilots were able to handle the situation perfectly. I am just a little worried about the passengars cause I am quite sure some vomit bags had to be renewed after those landings.

Thanks for watching, new videoes every tuesday and friday.

contact: cargospotter@gmail.com


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