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Ivana Fly

real-world High heavy planes with Canon 600mm f/4 ii lens

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High wide-bodies over mid-England fall into two categories, both transatlantic: those going to London Heathrow, and those going to continental Europe (Paris, Luxemburg etc).

The latter are generally at 37000-40000 feet and usually produce contrails, whilst the London flights have begun their descent and are usually 27000-30000 feet, rarely with contrails.

I've included a narrow-body 737 with fuselage trail for some 'light relief', otherwise it's 747,777,787,A380 and A330.

The lens was used with stacked teleconverters to give actual focal lengths over 2 metres. Several cameras were used.

As you can see in many of the shots, the main factor limiting visible detail is the stability of the atmosphere.


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