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Wellington for P3D Released


Flightbeam Studios has announced NZWN – Wellington International Airport for Prepar3D v3 and v4 is now available.

The scenery is a detailed rendition of the real airport and the surrounding area, including the whole Miramar peninsula.

Flightbeam has modelled the terminal building with high-resolution 4K textures and transparent windows. Key interior areas have also been included, such as the main terminal and the new domestic terminal bridge.

The package has been made using the latest P3D4 techniques, such as a material scripting engine for dynamic water puddles and dynamic night lighting, including runway lights.

Other highlights include SODE animated jetways and custom static general aviation and NZ airlines.

Other highlights include:

  • All-new Flightbeam Manager system
  • Configuration Manager to customise the airport
  • WET-FX: Tarmac wetness depends on weather conditions

Flightbeam NZWN is available for £20.55 (approx.€24/$27). Click here for more information.

  • Flightbeam-NZWN-1-1.jpg
  • Flightbeam-NZWN-2.jpg
  • Flightbeam-NZWN-3.jpg
  • Flightbeam-NZWN-4.jpg
  • Flightbeam-NZWN-5.jpg
  • Flightbeam-NZWN-6.jpg







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