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x-plane RUMOUR: FlightFactor 757 Retrofit Cockpit Update Coming Soon

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Aircraft development group FlightFactor have been making headlines a lot recently. An uncharacteristic streak of activity on the public relations front have lead to numerous updates to their A320 simulation, and now a sneak peek at retrofitted Large Display System (LDS) panels for their 757 aircraft.

The LDS outfit, currently in use with some of UPS' fleet of 757 and 767 planes, replaces the aging CRT displays present on original aircraft.

A UPS outfitted 757, sporting similar (though not exactly the same) panels to those posted today.

In a post on the X-Plane.org Forum back in October last year, user Palmi asks about the potential for a cockpit upgrade coming to the 757 in future - to which FF developer den_rain claimed the team had plans for.

The thread lay dormant over the New Years break and three months subsequently, until den_rain posted again, saying:

"something is here..."

It's a pretty big post.. see the link for more:





A FlightFactor developer has shared a sneak peek of retrofitted Large Display System panels on the 757, after claiming LDS panels will be in a later update to the plane. | Threshold: Question the Answers.


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