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Ivana Fly

real-world Backcountry flying with the New, Bell 505 JetRanger X

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So fun flying around with one of my favourite pilots and people, York Galland, otherwise known as @iflyheli

Make sure to check him out!

Also Nick Drader from Compass Heli Tours

Filmed and edited by my little buddy Devin. He's no Treven, but he's trying!

And big news! Bentley got Verified on Instagram this week!

If you need a new tooth brush, my company is

And if you're sick of hangovers

Oh! and huge thanks to Sky Helicopters and Allan Fraser for flying me up multiple times to help rescue my Heli! We actually got it out just in time, because a few days later a bear found my paddle boards and popped all 3 of them. Also chewed my repair kits and pumps at the lake. If the Heli was still there, he definitely would have ripped it open. Thanks bear.

Last summer while flying with York and the guys from GoPro prior to the launch of the GoPro Hero 7, Bentley and I split up from the group and flew 3 paddle boards to a gorgeous blue lake. The plan was to meet up a few hours later at Pitt Meadows Airport and then fly to the lake. Well... when I went to start up, BOOM! My battery made a huge pop sound and everything went dead, including my radios. Zero juice. When I went under my seat to grab my PLB (Personal Location Beacon) and handheld radio, I realized someone removed my bag from the Heli and put it in York's machine. I worked for a few hours, scaling the mountain across the lake trying to get a signal.

At around 9pm, just before dark, York found me and flew us home! What a guy! Love you York!


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