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100% PBR Airport Coming Soon! 

Earlier this week, JV teased the above images which have come from an upcoming airport project for X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D v4. We are working in tandem with the Turbulent team in order to bring you this new tech, and new workflows mean that we can release the P3D and XP versions very close together if not at the same time! 

This airport is our first to be built using 100% compliance to the correct PBR standards for all materials. If you look at the shots, you can see that the detail isn't just on the ground services equipment but also on the apron on which they sit. The incredible level of detail on the baggage lifter does not mean it is an FPS hog. The original model was made up of over 24 million polygons and that model was used to create the PBR map for a lower poly target. This means you get an amazingly detailed airport without the high-poly penalty.
Likewise, with the entire airport being PBR, the apron reflects light based on each material used such as asphalt, paint, metal grates and puddles etc. The lighting changes depending on the time of day, level of cloud cover, rain etc.

Just don't ask us which airport it is, because we're not confirming anything yet!

Community member Benny has created this amazing video of Bilbao Airport

LEBB Bilbao Airport v1.1 now live

The anticipated update for LEBB Bilbao is now available via FTX Central

Feature list:

  • New high-res textures for terminal area
  • Completely new high-res ground textures with normal maps
  • SODE gates
  • Approach for runway 12/30 has gotten a massive upgrade with roughly 200 new building types and variations 
  • Mountain ranges and wind farms added to Southern approach, making the whole descent a new experience
  • Ambient light effect has been added to the whole city 
  • New water puddle effect at the airport,
  • New crisp terrain features at the terminal area
  • Upgraded cargo area
  • New, more realistic AFCAD optimized to be AI-friendly.
  • Various bug fixes
Please note FSX change list may vary due to technical & memory limitations.





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