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real-world Airplanes tyres hitting the runway ! Touchdown in Slow Motion Ultra Close Up footage

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Amazing Engineering ! Human naked eye won't see it I'm surprised by just how little deformation there is in the tyre as it hits the runway. Crazy how much punishment the landing gear can take really amazing engineering ! For example the world's largest production aircraft Airbus A380 weights of around 600 tonnes and 400 tonnes respectively

Interesting fact ! An A380 super jumbo tires will only last about 300 landings which is about six months of operations. And they cost $92,000 each to replace! Flight crew or a maintenance personnel would inspect the tires before take-off regularly in-order to check any damage or wear. The specific number of landings-per-tire is affected by such variable factors as weather, hard landings, cross-wind landings, anti-skid action, and rough or damaged runway surfaces. These can all have an effect on the condition of the rubber surrounding the tire’s core, even creating differences in tire condition from one set of landing gear to another on the same airplane. Yes, modern automobiles may be driven up to 50,000 miles on only one set of tires, but unlike airliners, those tires aren’t constantly being flown into concrete at 200 kilometers per hour!

This video was filmed at Manchester Airport. I want to say huge thank you for helping me out to Tkey Aviation . Please check out his impressive Youtube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAKsEDrXwEF2V0ALH4pS-mg

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This video is the copyright of TopFelya © All illegal re uploads will be removed

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