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x-plane xEnviro 1.10b73 18h timelapse in 9 min

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Mind if I leave this here? ;)

We're wrapping up. Slowly but firmly. Not the resolution and fidelity we would like. I miss cloudsurfing through the whisks of vapour... Lucky me I can go back to t100 and do that. It will come back though. Once Nvidia and Intel decides to actually develop true next gen gear and not play "stack bully" on their customers we will be there with 15 meter step sampling and give you clouds from heaven.  We have to do with this now.. Performance is in focus now as always. How does it perform? "Better than 1.09" worse than vanilla CAVOC.  (=we'll see once we start optimizing)

Hope to see ya'll at the Expo. Cheers 😃







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