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x-plane Airfoil Labs Cessna 172SP and King Air 350 Updated

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Airfoil Labs Cessna 172SP and King Air 350 Updated

Alex John
Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Two of Airfoil Labs' most popular products, the Cessna C172SP and King Air 350, have been updated. The King Air 350 was updated on the 20th May to V1.2, and V1.3 a week later. The previous version of the C172SP, V1.5, was released just over a year ago.

V1.6 of the C172SP is below:

  • New SASL plugin implementation
  • Code performance optimisation
  • Flight model rebuild for compatibility with new x-plane 11.30+ experimental flight model
  • New airfoils design
  • Climb and cruise performance corrections
  • Oil temperature corrections
  • Fuel consumption fixes
  • Failures bug fixes
  • Controllers setup removal and related compatibility enhancement with x-plane 11.30+
  • Avionics commands functionality fixes
  • Aircraft initialization speedup

The first appearance of the changelog on the web was posted here.

Also updated is their King Air 350. The popular aircraft has been updated three times since its release, with the two most recent changes below (sourced from the store page😞


  • RBF sidebar icon does not remove propeller covers.
  • The automatic checklists still jams in a few places if the camera focus is switched off.
  • Wrong version in the aircraft settings dialog


  • UI optimizations.
  • Avionics logic fix.

Existing users can update using the product manager.

The Cessna 172SP can be purchased here for US 34.95, and the King Air 350 can be acquired here for US $49.95.







V1.6 of the Airfoil Labs C172SP is an update focusing almost solely on optimisations, corrections and fixes, whilst the King Air 350 has received minor improvements. | Threshold: Question the Answers.


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