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real-world PARIS AIR SHOW 2019 warm up - AIRBUS A380 Airshow with an Airbus A350 + A400 ... (HD)

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The Paris Air Show 2019 will start tomorrow and as always I would like to bring you in the Air show mood with a warm up video with the footage of my previous air show visits at Farnborough and Paris. The first part of the video was filmed at Farnborough and the second part at Paris. It` s a perfect opportunity for you to check what to expect during the Paris Air Show 2019 flying display.

A great surprise is this years Airbus A380 participation. After being absent during the Paris Air Show 2017 and the Farnborough Air Show 2018 the Airbus A380 finally celebrates its comeback in the flying display of the Paris Air Show 2019 but it will only be shown in the flying display of the public air show days.

This year you can also observe the Beriev BE-200 water plane from russia, a Boeing 787-9 of Air Tahiti Nui, the A330 neo and the Airbus A350-1000 in the flying display. Sadly I am almost 100% sure that I won t show up at the Air show due to the weather. Sun and hot temperatures doesn` t work out for videography.

Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday ( I will return to my schedule soon )


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