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real-world Spectacular CROSSWIND LANDINGS during a STORM at Amsterdam - BOEING 747, B767, Airbus A340 ... (4k)

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Stormy wind gusts up to 45 knots caused spectacular crosswind landings at Amsterdam Schiphol last saturday. This video shows the incredible skills of the pilots and why they deserve the high salary they reveice. Check out the extremly rare Airbus A340 of Surinam Airways which came in a little low which caused the pilots to bring the engines to maximum power for a few seconds. (You can see some smoke)

I don` t know why the bird control vehical parked on the grass near the runway but the position was quite perfect for me. It looked even more spectacula with the tiny car standing right in front of the heavy planes which faced the bird control vehicle right before touchdown. Most pilots alligned with the runway after touchdown.

Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.


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