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prepar3d / fsx New announcement: Esellerate closure information and yes, we are having a SALE 40% off!

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New announcement: Esellerate closure information and yes, we are having a SALE 40% off!

You surely must have got news of the upcoming Esellerate closure. Digital River, which is Esellerate parent company, has decided to streamline their offer, and will stop Esellerate sales starting today, July 1st 2019. How this affects FSDT customers ?

Not much. We took all the steps to be sure the transition will be as smooth as possible, and here's some infos about what to expect:

- Starting July 1st 2019, our products will be sold on a different Digital River service, called MyCommerce Share-it. There's nothing much to say about it, it's still the same company, the look of the shop is a bit different, but it's really a minor issue.

- Esellerate Activation servers, which is probably what might concerns users more, will continue to work until September 30th. This means simply nothing will change, in relationship to activation of existing orders, until that date.

- New orders made starting from July 1st on MyCommerce, will use a different licensing system, called Quick License Manager, made by the Canadian company SORACO. It's a company that does only one thing: provide licensing systems to software developers and running servers. Their software is more flexible than Esellerate, it's well maintained and they have terrific support. The licensing system has several new features which weren't available on Esellerate, which should make users life easier when dealing with reinstalls.

With the GSX PBR update we released today, our software has been updated to support BOTH licensing systems at the same time, and this allowed us to prevent any service interruption, because your old Esellerate Serial Number will surely work as it always did with Esellerate, and when Esellerate will close down their Activation servers entirely, your OLD Serial Number from Esellerate will continue to work on SORACO, as if nothing happened, with no intervention required on your part.

This is possible, because we have uploaded ALL the Esellerate Serial Numbers we ever generated along the years to the new system, so they will be recognized there, even when Esellerate will be gone. This regardless where you bought an FSDT product from, for example from other retailers. ALL our Serial Numbers from Esellerate will be moved on SORACO, and can be reactivated there. There's nothing you are supposed to do, other than keeping tabs of your Serial Number, which will be required *after* you'll change hardware or reinstall Windows.


- Until September 30th, Esellerate will still work, and you can use the familiar procedure explained on our FAQ, to retrieve any past orders you might have lost. But keep in mind the issue of the 10 years time limit, explained here:


This is valid only for orders made on our site, using the Esellerate store. If you bought any FSDT products from a retailer, like Simmarket, FSPS or PC Aviator, you should use the retailer own procedures to retrieve lost orders, which contains your original Serial Number, which will work on Esellerate until the end of September, but it's ready to be activated on SORACO.


SORACO is surely a more modern system, is more tested with the latest OS (Esellerate last update of their .DLL happened in 2007), it's well maintained, and it has more features. 

A good one is the ability for users to Deactivate a license even when the PC which was tied to no longer works or has been sold/disposed. Before, you could Deactivate only when the product was fully activated on a working system.

The offline activation without internet has a slicker interface, and doesn't require 2 separate PCs, since it works with any mobile phone, using the phone camera to scan a QR code that will point the phone browser over the web page with an activation code that can be typed back into the offline computer.

You now can check how many activation you used and how many you have left, from the same interface that controls Deactivation.

If you want to have a look at how the self-service site from SORACO looks like, this is the address:


If you still don't see your old Serial Numbers yet, fear not, we are still moving some of them, and the process will be completed in the next few days. Not a problem now, since Esellerate will still work for 3 months.

To recap, you don't have to worry about the Esellerate closure, and everything has been setup to provide service with no interruptions. Having said that, what's the best way to test our new Ecommerce site ?

BY HAVING A SALE, of course!

Starting today, for the next 10 days, you can buy every FSDT product with an hefty 40% discount, using the following Coupon Code in the "Redeem Coupon Code" field of the ordering page:


Be sure to click the "Update" link, and verify the Coupon has been accepted and the price changes.

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You can view the full announcement by following this link:


The FSDreamTeam forum Team.





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