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aerosoft Twin Otter professional, request for information

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Not a preview but I rather have this here than in the Twotter subforum (will close the topic there). I am now really planning the new version and want to know one more time what new features will be requested. As this is a serious amount of work it will not be a cheap update. 


Here is the list we have now:

  • Serious update of the VC with PBR, RealLight and TrueGlass
  • Modest update of externals (I think they stood the test of time very well)
  • Option to include the most used 3rd party GPS device
  • Update of the graphics of the checklists etc
  • Updates via Updater tool
  • Possibly Connected Flight Deck
  • Options for home cockpit builder (for AlmostAviation¬†https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_aaZTPNvei6mLI9AWUJ9w)
  • Hundreds of small tweaks here and there, a lot in engine modeling and flight modeling
  • New sound set (it's amazing how sound sets have become better!)
  • Optimized for the latest version of P3D (so only 64 bit versions)


Is there anything you feel we simply should not leave out?


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