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Ivana Fly

aerosoft Chania, Crete preview

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We have not fully settled on the name,  but I think you will like the images!


  • High detailed ground textures and runway - taxiway lines including the new apron parking positions and lines modified in summer 2018.
  • High detailed 3d objects 
  • High detailed 3d buildings including the new terminal building completed in 2018.
  • More than 39.000 custom autogen trees, vehicles and 3d buildings in the airport's surrounding area.
  • Dynamic lights in the apron area
  • Animated vehicles in the apron area
  • SODE fully animated windshocks
  • Seasonal textures for fall winter spring and summer
  • Fully compatible with ORBX Global and ORBX Vector
  • Mesh terrain enchancment
  • Detailed Coastlines
  • Snowy "White Mountains" (the 8.045ft mountain at the south of the Airport) from October to May (the snow coverage changes every month)
  • Sun reflections on ground (more visible during dawn and dusk)
  • High detailed night lighting including detailed 3d taxi and runway lighting
  • High detailed 3d grass







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