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Ivana Fly

orbx TrueEarth US Oregon V1.01 Patch - Ortho color fixes

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Hello all,


Following customer feedback about sub-par quality ortho in some urban areas of Oregon, we have confirmed that blue and purple tones do exist in some areas and are in the process of creating new ortho imagery from various sources to rectify these anomolies.


The issue mainly stems from the 2015 NAIP source imagery for Oregon being very washed out (photographed in bright sunlight) and with too much blue/red tones in the colour. Whilst our workflow corrected the coloring for most of the state, some urban areas did not respond well to our filters.




You can see from the image above the color quality it a lot better in the new data source.


Here are some WIP progress shots of the updated urban areas in the HD version of TE Oregon. We will also apply the same updates to the SD version and release the patch for both editions at the same time.











You will also notice that the USGS data and other NAIP data sources are much clearer and sharper in areas, particulary around Portland, Hillsboro and Eugene.


We hope to have this patch out by the weekend or early next week.


Yours in updates.


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