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aerosoft OnAir 1.0.2 released

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This product automatically updates when you start it. It is NOT possible to use an old client with the server.



  • The UI is more clear now when not in tycoon mode about using the « Find the Aircraft Loaded in
  • Clearer user interface for outsourced resources when loading the aircraft
  • My Aircraft list, fields are now resizable
  • Fixed Buy aircraft page freeze on some systems
  • Added pagination on buy aircraft page
  • Fixed level 3 FBO logistic query delay (was 1 min, set to 1 day)
  • Can now use fuel containers that are loaded in another aircraft on the same airport
  • An employee transported as a passenger has not an adequate icon
  • The sell price of aircrafts are now reset when sold back to the system (to avoid exploits)
  • Clearer user interface when hiring people
  • Warning added to not change the date/time during the flight when starting the tracking
  • Miscellaneous Spellings
  • Miscellaneous Buttons reformat and Text cut off fixes


  • Removed old METARs
  • Direct Load/Unload between aircrafts without unloading at the airport are now working as intended
  • Clearer message when releasing a rented aircraft owned by another player with delay
  • Fixed Airports open/close hours ate some extreme western hemisphere
  • Clearer message on the flight preparation page when attendants are needed
  • More detailed messages when weights are changing during a tracked flight (some add-ons)
  • When “Instance already running” message appears at start, we try now to kill the other process (and display the Process ID)
  • Added pagination on the aircraft market page (to avoid UI freezing on some systems)


beta-> 1.0.0

  • The global settings are accessible from the tutorial
  • Fixed Airports open/close hours ate some extreme western hemisphere
  • Removed warp feature when player uses the “dont force time in sim” option
  • When Pausing company, a clearer message is displayed
  • Similar planes with different payloads names are no longer duplicated
  • New Account management Web Site (link in Lobby)
  • Mechanics are now needed to service the FBOs
  • Pause company now stops all the recurring payments
  • OpenStreetMap Transport and Cycle are now displayed with the correct API Key
  • METARS now are displayed on the flight tracking map
  • METARS are now updated once per hour
  • More airports are displayed on LiveMap (depending on zoom level)
  • Add a window to auto retry connection when internet connection not available
  • Basic tutorial added
  • Performance enhancement
  • Many Spelling


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