Hello Pilots!

We have prepared Hotfix 4 for AS2016 (both FSX and P3D versions). For P3D version, this includes P3D v3.4.9 compatibility.

This is being offered in OPEN BETA format. Please use BETA software at your own risk. An official release will follow once this is determined to be stable. 

See below for the changelog.

Download links:

AS16 for P3D HF4 Open Beta Update:
USA Mirror: http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/hf4/Ac...P3D_Update.exe
Europe Mirror: http://cumulus.hifitechinc.com/hf4/A...P3D_Update.exe

AS16 for FSX HF4 Open Beta Update:
USA Mirror: http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/hf4/Ac...FSX_Update.exe
Europe Mirror: http://cumulus.hifitechinc.com/hf4/A...FSX_Update.exe

The updates install over the top of your existing installation.

To make a bug/issue report, please use the bug reports subforum (and please search for previously reported issues before posting). Thank you!

Changelog AS16 (FSX/P3D) HF4:
- Compatibility adjustments for P3D v3.4.9 (AS16 for P3D only)
- Digital signature SHA2 updates
- Adjusted magvar computations for better accuracy in some areas
- Fixed crash on exit issue in some cases
- Adjusted documentation to reference new SimConnect/SDK links from Microsoft
- Fixed problem with XGauge wizard mis-handling quote characters (") in simobjects.cfg resulting in crash/error
- Fixed string parsing issue with certain culture/localization settings