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multi-sim The 777 Captain free update to version 1.7 has been released.

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Holy fix list....gettin' your moneys worth right there!


  • - FSX Steam Edition compatibility added (Base pack for FSX and Expansions) 
    - Prepar3D v.3.x compatibility added (Base pack for Prepar3D and Expansions) 
    - Installator issues fixed 
    - Simconnect issues fixed 
    - AIRAC cycle included into the package updated (1506) 
    - Autopilot following VNAV path improved 
    - Autopilot following VNAV speed improved 
    - Autopilot FLCH mode improved 
    - Autopilot flare mode improved 
    - ILS approach improved 
    - Manually tuned VOR/ILS fixed 
    - ILS frequency autosetting after the first flight fixed 
    - Right FD switch issue fixed 
    - Deviation from centerline during autoland fixed 
    - Feet/meter conversion on the PFD fixed 
    - EFIS STEP mode on LEGS page fixed 
    - Left EFIS range control fixed 
    - Pitch mode indication on the FMA fixed 
    - FMA speed mode indication improved 
    - CDU selection corrected 
    - MCP knobs "runaway" problem fixed 
    - Bank angle limitation on the MCP influence on turns in LNAV mode removed 
    - Speed and altitude limits setting in the FMC on HOLD points fixed 
    - PFD localizer diamond and scale drawing fixed 
    - PFD thrust mode indication fixed 
    - FMC SID/STAR/IAP waypoints calculation and drawing improved 
    - FMC progress page distance indication fixed 
    - FMC route fuel calculation improved 
    - FMC Legs Page numbers fixed 
    - FMC VNAV DES Page page fixed 
    - FMC VNAV path calculation fixed 
    - FMC VOR tuning fixed 
    - ND Plan Mode aircraft symbol drawing fixed 
    - ND STA, MAP and ARPT points drawing fixed 
    - ND FIX points circle indication on the ND corrected 
    - ND Vertical track indicator wrong way fixed 
    - ND Altitude Range Arc drawing fixed 
    - Hydraulic sustem bugs fixed 
    - Hydraulic valves on the upper overhead fixed 
    - Flaps indication on EICAS fixed 
    - Intermediate waypoint SPEED calculation improved 
    - Beacon light position fixed 
    - Rudder animation fixed 
    - Wipers animation fixed 
    - FSX-SE: flight deck sounds fixed 
    - Engine out autothrottle behavior fixed 
    - 777 Connect: Help menu added 
    - Code optimized

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