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Hello Patrons of the Lounge! I've made a modification to the initial post and hope you find it much easier to track! Huge thanks goes out to @smurf_john for carrying over all the original data manually!


I've added links to each Developer's website. all you have to do is click on website and you'll be taken to the developers site.

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Great info - thanks for compiling the list!!

This maybe slightly off topic - so please ignore (or delete) this if necessary!

Though the list is primarily for commercial products that have fully compatible P3Dv4 installers, there may be the odd occasion when you might want to install the add-on *outside* of the root P3D folder - an option not always available at install.

I've created a help page for my "method" for doing this: Installing outside P3D root

It looks overly complex at first sight (because of the detailed explanations), but once you've done one you'll see it's really not that bad. I use this method mainly for legacy/freeware aircraft, as it's the best way of preserving the integrity of your main P3D install.

As I said - please delete this (or move somewhere) if inappropriate!


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