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Blue Sky Star (BSS) just announced over on their Facebook page that they've released a v2 of their FSL A320 IAE engine sound pack.

BSS does some fantastic sounds so if you're unsure of its quality, watch the YouTube video below.

It is a free update 2.0. 
So if you have bought it from our site, just re-download it and run installer again following the prompts. The link for installer is the same and you can find it in your personal download section if bought it from new site, or by using the same link received if bought from old site. 
If you have lost the link write to support with the e-mail used for purchase.

If you have purchased through simmarket, it will get uploaded as soon as their management will do so. Files already sent.

For more info, click on that source link.

Price: $10.50 (if you don't own v1)


LINK TO SOURCE: http://blueskystar.net/catalog/p3d_fsx/fslabs_a320/fslabs_a320x_iae_v2500/

Edited by krazyk
Added info for existing customers

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33 minutes ago, smurf_john said:

Just Note this is for v3 and FSX, the v4 version of FSLabs A320 is NOT released yet!!!

Not only can they be used with any version of FSX/P3D, they can probably also be ported over and made to work with the Aerosoft Airbus. :) 


34 minutes ago, OMGedson said:

Thank you @krazyk ! 

You're most welcome! :)

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